Our helpful tips on how to stay calm

There’s no question, at some point in life you have probably experienced stress. Stress can put you in a bad mood, lead to low productivity, high blood pressure and broken sleep. But how do we stop stress from creeping in? Here are a few simple and helpful tips you can use daily to help you keep the calm.

1. Create a playlist

Compile a list of all your favourite songs and put them in a playlist. Or if your music taste is a bit eclectic, platforms like Spotify offer plenty of pre-curated playlists specifically designed for your mood - take a minute to unwind and switch off, or just block out the noise and recharge. Use the music feature on your watch to play the perfect track for the moment.

2. Take a tech-free walk

As tempting as it is to listen a podcast on a walk after a stressful day, sometimes staying unplugged can help to clear your mind and sort through your thoughts. Leaving your phone at home can be a much-needed break – and with or without it your watch will count those steps for you.

3. Meditation

There’s a reason meditation is so popular; you can do it anywhere and in as little as 5-10 minutes. Start simple with a few breathing exercises, just a few minutes of inhaling and exhaling can help to clear your mind, calm nerves, and dissolve stress. If you’re looking for some guidance, check your Reflex Active, our watches (Series 03 and above) come with breathing exercises, so if you’re feeling a little stressed you can turn on to feel calm.

4. Stretch

Sometimes stress can cause mental and physical tension. Stress can make our muscles tense
which can cause them to tighten and a great way to relieve tension is a good old stretch! Stretching increases serotonin levels (aka the happy hormone) which helps to stabilize our mood and make us feel good!

5. Do some exercise

Even if it’s just a quick 10 minutes, exercise has been proven to release endorphins - the ‘feel-good’ transmitters in our brains. Exercise can also help you to take your mind off your worries. Repetitive motions can promote a focus on your body rather than whatever is on your mind- even better, if your gym has a punch bag, you can punch the stress away!

6. Write it down

Next time you feel the stress getting to you, try to write down how you’re feeling. Releasing some of that pent up emotion can leave you feeling lighter and by writing it down, you can really let it all out without worrying what other people might think.

Once you’ve done this, try thinking of some of the good things that happened throughout the day, no matter how small. Taking time to reflect on some of the more positive things can really help to improve your mindset.

7. Talk to a friend

At the end of the day, we’re all human and some days can be better than others. If things are getting a little too much, don’t be afraid to ask for a little extra support- you never know, your friends might be able to offer some helpful advice or a much-needed laugh.