How does the ‘ActiveTag by Reflex Active’ work?

‘The ActiveTag by Reflex Active’ functions using Bluetooth technology. It works to actively track the location of any item by sending out a Bluetooth signal that can be detected by nearby devices within Apple’s Find My Network. Once connected, the Tag will use nearby Apple devices as a beacon to ping the location of the ‘ActiveTag by Reflex Active’ to the Tag’s registered iCloud/Find My App. The Tags registered user will be able to view the Tag’s locations using Apple’s Find My App. The whole process is anonymous & encrypted to protect the privacy of the user. Only the device registered will be able to see the location of the tag.

How often will my ‘ActiveTag by Reflex Active’ Location refresh?

The ‘ActiveTag by Reflex Active,’ location is triangulated based on the strength of the Bluetooth signal sent to third party devices within Apple’s Find My network. The more Apple devices there are around you, the more often the location of your tag will refresh. The user of the Tag will be able to see when the location of the item was updated within the Find My App.

How is the ‘ActiveTag by Reflex Active’ Powered?

The ‘ActiveTag by Reflex Active’ has a long-lasting Cell battery placed within the case. The battery can be replaced when needed using our handy case opening tool.

Battery information: CR2032.

Is the ‘ActiveTag by Reflex Active’ Waterproof?

The ‘ActiveTag byReflex Active’ is not waterproof & the functionality can be affected if submerged in water.

How do I set up ‘MyActiveTag by Reflex Active’?

Designed to set up easily & quickly! Set up your ‘ActiveTag by Reflex Active,’ in a few clicks!

1) Press and hold the button on the ActiveTag for 5 seconds, the Tag will beep and turn on.

2) Open the Find My App on your Apple device.

3) Check that your Bluetooth is on & hold the Tag near your device. Press on the items tab, then tap ‘add item’

4) Press on ‘Tap other supported item,’ when trying to connect the Tag.

5) Connect to ‘MWFD05A’

6) Personalise your name & add a fun emoji to show within your Find My App

7) Tap and acknowledge that this item will be linked to your Apple ID.

8) Tap finish!

9) Attach the ‘ActiveTag by Reflex Active’ onto your desired item & track its location instantly.

Will my ‘ActiveTag by Reflex Active’ Work if I’ve switched it off?

The ‘ActiveTag by Reflex Active’ can only track if the Tag is switched on! To check whether your Tag is switch on you can hold the button for a 5-second-long press. The light will flash 5 times & the ActiveTag will make a beeping sound – this means it is switched on.

Can I switch my ‘ActiveTag by Reflex Active’ off if it’s not in use?

Yes! Press the button on the ActiveTag 5 times in 2 seconds – and the tag will power off.

Is the ‘ActiveTag by Reflex Active Safe’?

The Tag has been designed with the user’s safety in mind. The Tag works to discourage unwanted tracking. If another tag is found on or around you, you will receive a notification to warn you of an unknown device. You will be able to disable the tracking information and stop sharing the location. The Find My app will show you what time the item was detected & the route you have taken with the unknown tag.

To switch off the unknown device follow the instructions to power off, alternatively if the item is not a ‘ActiveTag by Reflex Active’, follow the instructions on the Find My App and how to disable or simply remove the battery! The notifications are only triggered when the Tag is separated from its owner – notifications won’t appear on public transport, around friends or family since their connected device and tag are with them! 

Will I be notified if my item has been left behind?

Yes! If you’re always forgetting your keys or wallet the perfect ActiveTag by Reflex Active is perfect for you!

You will receive a notification to let you know if you’ve left your item behind – the distance you will reach before this notification pops up is 0.3-0.5 miles.

Once you’ve added your Item to the Find My App.

Go into the ‘Items’ tab on the Find My App.

Select your item.

Set the ‘Notify when left behind’ to the ON position.

You can alter your settings to allow certain locations to block the ‘Left Behind,’ notification. Simply click on the ‘Notify When Left Behind’ section & add a ‘NOTIFY ME, EXCEPT AT:’ Location. Ideal if you do not want to be notified if you leave your item in a particular location.

Be sure to check that you’ve allowed access for the Find My App to track your location.

If you find that your tag seems to not be working properly – it’s usually because of security settings. Follow these simple steps to fix the issue:

What if I lose my Item or Tag?

If you can’t find your Tag - enabling ‘Lost Mode’ on the app can help you track it down. Once enabled you will be asked to enter a phone number & personal message. Should someone find your Tag, all they will have to do is scan the item with a supported device & and your contact information will pop up allowing the finder to contact you about your lost item! Perfect for travelling. Once found the lost mode will automatically switch itself to the OFF position.

How does tracking down your item work?

If you’ve left your item behind or need to track down where you left it, the Find My App will open Maps to direct you with the quickest route to finding your misplaced Item. When you’re at the location use the ‘Play Sound’ feature to track down your Item.


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